20 years NarrowWebTech: How our special anniversary label was designed and produced

In our opinion the label is a striking eye-catcher at the cover page of NarrowWebTech, issue 2-2018, which is available in our shop: https://shop.gk-techmedia.com/narrowwebtech (Source of all pictures: G&K TechMedia)

20 years of NarrowWebTech – is there a better opportunity to design a special label? In cooperation with Leonhard Kurz and label printer Vollherbst Druck the whole team of NarrowWebTech have designed an outstanding, shimmering and great label for our anniversary! See for yourself by taking a look at the cover page! What were the requirements for designing this label? Which production steps were part of this process? A picture gallery of the label production is included.

The choice was not easy. After having Leonhard Kurz as a sponsor for its hot stamping foil SB Neon Design there was the question of the choice of the appropriate substrate. The label would need to be striking to attract the attention of each reader of NarrowWebTech. Light Line Design SB Neon was finally chosen as it offers light refractions of holographic designs and fulfils the requirements to be visually attractive.


“The light refractions of our holographic designs are an eye-catcher at the point of sale and are extraordinarily well-suited to help brands stand out in the crowd”, comments Elke Andersch, marketing manager Graphics Industry at Kurz. “The SB Neon Design with the soft play of light and colour can be used in a versatile fashion for refining labels and emphasizing brand value. In this sense it is ideally suited for the anniversary edition of NarrowWebTech!“

Shiny foil, easy foil?

A seamless quality was used for the label which enables a free choice of designs. The chosen foil – Light Line SB Neon Seamless – has a seamless design without interruptions or colour changes. The film can be overprinted very well. This makes it possible to introduce a variety of vibrant metallic colours. Holographic effects remain unchanged when choosing the appropriate colours for overprinting.

For the narrow web production the hot foil decoration has to fulfil challenging requirements. Due to the very fast processing it is necessary that the decorative layer is separated quickly from the PET release liner. The very precise stamping has also to work with delicate images and small openings. In addition, the substrate adhesion has to be guaranteed. According to Kurz, the chosen material is very suitable.

The label printer Vollherbst Druck, based in the Southwest of Germany, in Endingen in the Kaiserstuhl wine region, close to NarrowWebTech’s office, was the first choice for producing this special label. “It is a great honour for us to embellish the cover and therefore the ‘face’ of the 20th anniversary issue of NarrowWebTech.” comments Matthias Vollherbst, CEO VollherbstDruck, “The combination of best materials with high-end technology and decades of printing expertise result in a more than worthy setting. In this sense we would like to congratulate you on the anniversary and your great contribution to the printing industries during the last two decades.”

Designing an anniversary label

The next step was the design of the label. A round label of 55 mm (2.16”) diameter was chosen because of the positioning on the cover page top left. The message is, for sure, that NarrowWebTech is celebrating its 20th anniversary. So, what about the design? Blue was chosen as one of the brand colours of NarrowWebTech being a good contrast to the yellow cover page.

NarrowWebTech is celebrating this year its 20th anniversary (Source of all pictures: G&K TechMedia)
On this occasion we worked together with Leonhard Kurz, who sponsored its hot stamping foil SB Neon Design for a special anniversary label as well as with the German label printer VollherbstDruck
After being printed on the HP press…
… the hot stamping of the label took place on an AB Graphics line at the German label printer VollherbstDruck
The hot stamping die of the 20-years-NarrowWebTech label
On the ABG line the Kurz foil was first applied on the label (hot foil stamping) …
then the label was die-cutted …
… and slitted
Sebastian Kiss, head of creations at VollherbstDruck, during the production of the 20-years-NarrowWebTech label with press operator Benedikt Blum (Source: G&K TechMedia)
The editorial team of NarrowWebTech thanks Leonhard Kurz and VollhebstDruck for this cooperation
In our opinion the label is a striking eye-catcher at the cover page of NarrowWebTech, issue 2-2018, which is available in our shop: https://shop.gk-techmedia.com/narrowwebtech (Source of all pictures: G&K TechMedia)

The challenge

“The challenge in developing the design for the anniversary issue of NarrowWebTech has been to achieve maximum impact with the Kurz SB Neon hot stamping foils. At the same time, the core message ‘20 years of NarrowWebTech’ must not lose momentum”, points out Sebastian Kiss, head of creations at Vollherbst.

In order to offer their customers innovative designs, the label printer started their own inhouse design agency. VollherbstDruck submitted two designs: A blue background with words in silver (applied in the Kurz foil) or blue-coloured words combined with the background fully printed with the Kurz SB Neon foil.

The second design, the combination of blue writing on a silver background, was so outstanding, that it was easy to make a clear decision for this design. Due to the larger surface of the foil being used the light refractions of the holographic designs are greater although the challenge during production is a greater one. The more foil has to be hot stamped, the higher and more precise the surface pressure has to be.

The anniversary label of NarrowWebTech was printed on a HP WS 6600 – the blue brand colour from NarrowWebTech – then forwarded to an AB Graphics line where the hot stamping of the Kurz SB Neon took place without any problems. The production process included the production of a hot stamping die and die-cutting form.  Kiss explains: “Trough a full surface covering with reversed types with the colour of the types adapted to the NarrowWebTech special colour – this not only establishes the link to the magazine but also creates a remarkable contrast to the stamping foil.”

The editorial team of NarrowWebTech thanks Leonhard Kurz and VollherbstDruck for this cooperation. The label transports the message definitely and is a striking eye-catcher at the cover page.

More details to our anniversary issue please find also in this post introducing issue 2-2018 of NarrowWebTech!

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