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5SeptEtiquettes – Investment in AVT print inspection systems

The French printing company 5SeptEtiquette invested in five AVT Helios systems (Source: AVT, 5SeptEtiquetter)

FRANCE • The printing house has invested in five AVT Helios systems for its presses and finishing solutions, enabling it to produce error-free labels and all but eliminate waste. After investing in AVT print inspection systems, 5SeptEtiquette was able to cut costs, increased productivity and reduced waste, according to the company.

5SeptEtiquette manufactures rolls of adhesive labels for the food, cosmetics, wine and spirits industries. The company provides offset, flexography, screen and digital services. With a turnover of EUR 10.6 millions, the company prints more than a billion labels per year.

According to the company, the AVT Helios print inspection system is designed for labels and narrow web printing and offers 100% quality assurance across the entire print production workflow.

Initially, French printing house installed two Helios II vision systems on its offset presses to control print quality. Then 5SeptEtiquette added two Helios II systems to its flexo printing presses to increase productivity and connect all presses to the centralised database for reference control. At this stage, the company controlled 80% of its production.

Then they equipped its finishing systems with the AVT WorkFlow Link module in order to connect the re-conditioners to the vision systems already installed on the presses. This connection between printing and finishing eliminated defective labels on reels. The company installed the Helios S inspection solution on a press producing wine, spirits and cosmetic labels.

Last year, the company achieved 100% automation across its entire production. According to 5SeptEtiquette, they are now able to correct defects on the press as soon as possible, reduce waste and clean the coils from non-conformities.


Rosina Obermayer

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