A walk around in Nilpeter’s headquarters

Nilpeter's headquarter in Slagelse, Denmark (Source: G&K)

DENMARK • Nilpeter, the Danish manufacturer of label printing presses, will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. The company was founded in 1919 and is still very much in business. How is it possible, that such a traditional, yet family-owned company is able to compete in the international label industry
by having a modern and almost self-contained manufacturing site in the middle of Denmark? NarrowWebTeb visited the company in Slagelse in winter 2017/2018. 

What is the most outstanding fact that one remembers after visiting Nilpeter’s headquarters in Slagelse, Denmark? Is it the 700 sqm technology centre? Or the fact, that the employee’s canteen is just a few metres away from the production area with just a low wall in between?


Neither, it is the fact, that Nilpeter’s manufacturing is almost totally in-house. From the basic framework of the press up to the high-end printing technology Nilpeter manufactures its production lines totally within its own walls.

Staying ahead of the label market

Back in the 90s, Nilpeter made the strategic choice to not only focus on the conventional printing technologies, but also pioneer in the development of digital hybrids. In 2005 Nilpeter launched its sleevebased FA-Line and in 2015 its digital Panorama line. “There is no winning technology which covers all applications,” said Jakob Landberg, sales and marketing Director of Nilpeter A/S. “This factor reflects the complexity of the label and packaging printing markets.” It seems, that the manufacturer made the right decision to enable them to stay competitive in the label industry. It is open for discussion as to whether the digital printer focusses on digital too much. But it is true, that digital labels have become an integral part of the label printing and converting industry.

Another spot on decision was the acquisition of Roto Press International, a US-based manufacturer of flexo, UV-flexo and combination presses. During the three decades spanning the 60s to the 80s three facts are worth mentioning: the move to Slagelse, the launch of the Rotolabel F-200, their first flexo press and the opening of the new manufacturing plant. It is refreshing that when walking through the buildings, there are very few interior walls in the manufacturing hall or closed doors to the offices. Today, Nilpeter has manufacturing plants in Denmark, USA and India with 500 employees worldwide.

Returning to Slagelse, it is remarkable
1) how well-positioned the company is with its range of manufacturing lines and working with other companies
2) and the fact, that Nilpeter manufacturers most of the parts in-house.

The Danish manufacturer has its headquarters in Slagelse, one of three plants worldwide
Nilpeter has its own production area for manufacturing the modules of their printing presses (Source: G&K)
Also a technology centre is included there (Source: G&K)
On display is a range of lines, such as a Nilpeter FA flexo press (Source: G&K)
... as well as a Nilpeter Panorama press, which includes inkjet printing unit (Source: G6K)
Here a closer look inside an inkjet unit of a Nilpeter Panorama (Source: G&K)
The editorial team of NarrowWebTech looks forward to come back to Denmark, maybe for the 100-years anniversary celebration in 2019? (Source: G&K)

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