Asahi Photoproducts – Clean transfer technology on display at Gallus Innovation Days

SWITZERLAND • Flexo printing plate supplier Asahi Photoproducts will showcase its AWP DEF/DEW plate solutions featuring clean transfer technology at Gallus Innovation Days ( 26 – 28 June 2018, St Gallen).

According to the company, Asahi’s Clean Transfer Technology has been developed with fixed-colour palette printing in mind and its AWP DEF/DEW plate technology provides a viable alternative to conventional flexo printing plates. Its water-washable printing plate technology does not require high temperatures or VOC-based solvents. According to Asahi, it provides high register accuracy, making it suitable for printing with a fixed colour palette and enabling odourless production.


As user Asahi names Colognia Press, based in the Czech Republic. The company uses Gallus presses and water-washable flexo plates and was able to increase machine availability by 110%, simply by switching to an Asahi plate production system. The previous flexo printing plates had caused lengthy downtimes for plate cleaning and changing. According to the company, the Asahi solution enables the print shop Colognia Press to print practically any job up to several kilometres long without having to stop the machine. Even a 22-hour job ran without interruption from start to finish, maintaining consistent quality with the same set of plates.

In 2018 the biennial Gallus Innovation Days takes place from 26 to 28 June in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Asahi Photoproducts will exbibit as Gallus partner in hall 1.

More news to the third edition of Gallus Innovation Days please find in this post.

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