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Ashland/HP – Collaboration on adhesives and coatings

Ashland and HP are further collaborating (Source: Ashland)

USA • The both companies Ashland HP announced a strategic collaboration Inc. to develop laminating adhesives and coatings that are compatible with HP Indigo ElectroInk. The aim is to reinforce the viability of digitally printed labels and flexible packaging. Building on a collaboration spanning four years, the working relationship will expedite the development of laminating adhesives and coatings that improve the usability of digital printing for packaging applications.

Ashland’s ongoing relationship with HP has yielded a number Ashland products that meet HP’s standards for use with HP Indigo digital presses. According to the company its solvent-free laminating adhesive Purelam 9500/9240 and water-based laminating adhesive crosslinker Purethane A-1090/CCAT 104 meet the the HP criteria for flexible packaging.

Ashland’s PureRad and PureKote overprint varnishes are certified by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) under the HP Indigo overprint varnish performance program. These radiation-curable and water-based products are set to improve adhesion to HP Indigo ink and to deliver scratch and chemical resistance for labels.

The announcement of the collaboration between the two companies is being made at the Pack Expo International show in Chicago, where Ashland exhibits at stand #5260.

Rosina Obermayer

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