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Avery Dennison – Resource for testing and certification

Avery Dennison conducts BS 5609 Section 2 certification testing on its rig in Cramlington

UK • The company is now a global resource for BS 5609 Section 2 and 3 testing and certification of its materials for ribbon manufacturers, facestock suppliers, converters and end users. The BS 5609 certification is free of charge.

Submitted materials undergo the rigorous testing required by BS 5609, which is a requirement for self-adhesive drum labels needing International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) certification. The standard exists to ensure labels on chemical drums and containers remain legible when subjected to the elements. In addition to its BS 5609 laboratory testing facilities, Avery Dennison owns and operates a BS 5609 Section 2 water immersion testing site located in Cramlington.

The testing procedures conducted are in compliance with UL BS 5609 certification. According to Avery Dennison, they are the first company to have its products certified by UL to Marking & Labeling Systems Marine Use (PGDT2), under UL’s Recognized Component Program, in accordance with the BS 5609:1986 standard (Section 2: base material and section 3: printed labels). Avery Dennison also simplifies the BS 5609 certification process by offering Section 2 and Section 3 certified base materials as part of its Select Solutions drum portfolio.

Armin Karl Geiger

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