Avery Dennison- Supplier awards given to eight pressure-sensitive suppliers

THE NETHERLANDS • Avery Dennison Label and Graphic Materials (NYSE:AVY) awarded eight pressure-sensitive industry suppliers during the company’s fourth annual supplier recognition ceremony held May 23 in Mentor, Ohio, USA. The company’s “Supplier of the Year” is the Italian filmic liner supplier Siliconature.

Winners were selected based on their performance in areas such as sustainability, innovation, service, and quality. This companies were recognized during the awards ceremony and their respective award categories.


  • Supplier of the Year: Siliconature, Italy
  • Supplier Distinction Award: BO Paper, Brazil
  • Best Emerging Supplier: Wampolet, China
  • Best Indirect Supplier: SAP Ariba, California
  • Best Supplier Sustainability: Lenzing Papier, Austria
  • Best Supplier Service: Boise Paper, USA
  • Best Supplier Innovation: Verso, USA
  • Best Supplier Quality: Lawter, USA
By Avery Dennison recognized companies during its annual supplier recognition ceremony in Ohio, USA (Source: Avery Dennison)


Supplier of the Year
Italy-based filmic liner supplier Siliconature was recognized as “Supplier of the Year” for their exceptional performance across multiple categories. “Siliconature has demonstrated the ability to consistently provide the highest levels of service, in many instances going above and beyond the norm,” Simon said. “They worked with us in true partnership to introduce advanced silicone technology on PET release liners, as well as collaborating with us to progress our 2025 Sustainability Goals.”

Supplier Distinction Award
BO Paper, (Parana, Brazil), was spotlighted for their ability to help Avery Dennison introduce a mechanical pulp sheet liner in Brazil, which was then adopted in Argentina. Beyond this innovation, the company continues to have has a strong and reliable service.

Best Emerging Supplier
Wampolet, (Shanghai, China): This award goes to the supplier that is growing with Avery Dennison globally while “successfully meeting quality, service and innovation targets”, according to Avery Dennison.

Best Indirect Supplier
SAP Ariba, (Palo Alto, California): This award goes to the indirect supplier that, according to Avery Dennison, “provided superior quality and service while continually improving their processes”.

Best Supplier Sustainability
Lenzing Papier, (Lenzing, Austria): According to the company, this supplier “demonstrated both leadership and action to align with Avery Dennison’s sustainability policy to use responsibly sourced materials, comply with third-party verification processes”.

Best Supplier Service
Boise Paper, (Lake Forest, Illinois): According to Avery Dennsion, this award goes to the supplier who „in 2016 constantly met our availability targets and found ways to reduce overall supplied lead times”.

Best Supplier Innovation
Verso, (Memphis, Tennessee): „a key partner in the successful implementation of new products and ideas in 2016”, according to the company.

Best Supplier Quality
Lawter, (Chicago, Illinois): in 2016 this supplier “best demonstrated the ability to deliver defect-free material that exceeded the expectations of Avery Dennison and its customers”, says Avery Dennison.

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