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Cheshire Anilox Technology – New laser for greater engraving consistency

Cheshire Anilox Technology has installed a new laser in order to create a greater range of engravings (Source: Cheshire Anilox Technology)

UK • The manufacturer of laser engraved ceramic anilox rollers Cheshire Anilox Technology has installed a new ALE fibre laser. The new laser is equipped with the latest hardware and software technology to produce a range of engraving configurations from 25 to 2,000 lines per inch.

The new machine will allow the Manchester based company to create a range of engravings to meet the demand of printers. It features a Custom Pulse to provide graphical control and design of bespoke cell shapes as well as several engraving modes that offer the highest control over cell shape and engraving consistency. The cells produced are more open and smoother, offering greater resistance against clogging, increase volume and ink transfer capacity.

According to the company the new product offers greater and absolute engraving consistency with less than 1% variation across the roll surface. Cell definition and uniformity produced by the new machine is superior to previous models. Cheshire Anilox will be able to provide customised engravings to overcome common print problems currently faced by flexo printers.

Rosina Obermayer

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