Constantia Flexibles – Investment in stick pack converting equipment

Caption: Constantia Flexibles laser-perforated stick packs (Source: Constantia Flexibles)

USA • The flexible packaging company acquired a new converting equipment for providing the stick pack market. Constantia Flexibles’ new machinery includes a narrow web and short-run slitter with an laser perforation unit.

According to the company the laser technology allows to produce a range of opening features to be incorporated into primary packaging material. The investment is set to enable the converter to accommodate greater customer demand for its laser-perforated stick packs. Moreover, the company will be able to provide redundancy insure against production delays or maintenance downtime with related equipment.


Constantia Flexibles’ laser-perforated stick packs are comprised of PET/AL/PE or paper/AL/PE to protect the contents against moisture, oxygen and light. A laser perforation below the seal ensures easy opening of the stick. The PET or paper in the vicinity of the laser seam is partially removed while the aluminum layer remains intact, thereby ensuring the stick pack’s impermeability.

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