Durst / Omet – Italgrafica Sistemi is first customer for new XJet lin

The first sale of the Omet Xjet was announced, to the Italian converter Italigrafica Sistemi (Source: Durst)

ITALY • Omet and Durst are providing the recently introduced integrated hyprid line Omet XJet to Italgrafica Sistemi. The company will be the world’s customer for the new Omet XJet. Powered by Durst, the integrated hybrid solution for labels and package printing will be installed at Italgrafica Sistemi’s headquarters in Castelgomberto, in the province of Vicenza, Italy, in the early summer 2018.

Italgrafica Sistemi chose the hybrid print and finishing line because of the ability for in-line multi-process configurations that finalizes products in a single pass. With an annual turnover of EUR  11 million and 50 employees the company work two shifts. With 18 printing lines already running at the Italien printing company, the new XJet hybrid line, provided through Lirma Print, a Durst and Omet distribution partner, is expected to replace two of the flexo lines because demands continue to increase for short-run, personalised technology in a single pass. According to the company it will open up new opportunities for cold-foiling, printing on reverse and adhesives, as well as varnish and die-cutting.


Francesco Niorettini, General Manager of converter Italgrafica Sistemi, said the total cost of ownership and benefits to his customers were crucial in the decision-making. “We’ll be saving huge amounts of money and time. We expect a 20% saving in overall production costs and will benefit from faster start-up times. As one example for, say, a four-colour job we expect to increase the productivity of the machine by 40% with faster set-ups. In addition, we will be saving around 70 percent in material waste by using digital.”

Durst and Omet are cooperation and recently launched the Omet XJet, a new hybrid printing platform integrating Durst’s Tau RSC 330 digital inkjet system with OMET X6 flexo stations and converting units. It was introduced at the Durst Digital Days 2018 in Brixen. More details you can read in a review of this event – in this post.

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