Edale – Masterstroke Packages invests in FL5 press

Edale FL5 line (Source: Edale)

 NIGERIA • Edale supplies another of its flexo presses to Nigerian based Masterstroke. , having already purchased multiple presses, Masterstroke have this time upgraded their current suite of presses to an FL5, eight-colour press with hot air drying and UV curing. The FL5 is due to be installed at Masterstroke in 2018.

They have also selected to upgrade to an embossing module alongside a standard rotary die system. The FL5 also comes with motorised print impression and cross register control as standard with the option in the future to upgrade to Edales Autonomous inking impression and registration (AiiR) and 100% inspection system, ensuring their investment is futureproof.


Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Masterstroke Packages Ltd is a large convertor for local alternatives to imported print products. According to the company they have recorded several “firsts” in the area of providing printing and packaging solutions in the country.

Editorial comment: As the FL5 line will be installed with 570 mm (22.44”) width, it shows one more time that narrow web and mid web are growing together and following that, labels and flexible packaging can not be separated any more in any case.

Edale FL5 line (Source: Edale)

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