FINAT – New specification for self-adhesive labels

THE NETHERLANDS • A new international technical specification of self-adhesive labels, ISO DTS 18614, was published in August 2016 by ISO to bring new clarity to the process for ordering and specification between end users and the label supply chain. FINAT, the international label association and the label association in Germany, Austria and Switzerland VskE (Verband der Hersteller selbstklebender Etiketten und Schmalbahnconverter) collaborated and gave input in order to create this combined international specification for end users and suppliers.

The original request for such technical specifications came from major self-adhesive label end users Ericsson and IKEA, who submitted a proposal via the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS). The proposal was accepted and an ISO project workgroup was established as a result of a Europe-wide majority vote.


Alongside VskE, FINAT contributed to the German standardisation institute DIN’s mirror workgroup, in which label industry representatives Klemens Ehrlitzer of VskE, Dr Ulli Nägele of Herma, and FINAT past president Kurt Walker participated.

Checklist available

A checklist of standards for ordering self-adhesive labels, defined in a specialist label industry workgroup involving users and suppliers and compiled by VskE and FINAT, is an important part of the official technical specification. Appendix A of  FINAT ISO DTS 18614 and, with Appendix C on end users’ label material specification parameters, are now within the public domain, and may be downloaded free of charge from ISO via the following link:

The complete ISO technical specification “ISO DTS 18614:  packaging – label material” can be ordered from Beuth Verlag at

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