Gallus – Successful field test of Labelmaster press at All4Labels Schweiz

Elisabeth Fehr, managing director of All4Labels Schweiz AG, in front of the new Gallus Labelmaster (Source: Gallus)

SWITZERLAND • All4Labels Schweiz AG based in St. Gallen (formerly Omnipack AG) was one of the first Gallus customers to install the successfully launched Gallus Labelmaster in the course of a field test. Now this process was officially closed, highlighting the fact that this machine has been up and running in daily business since the first day of the field test, according to Gallus.

In October 2016 label printer All4Labels Schweiz AG, back then known as Omnipack AG, was convinced to opt for one of the first Gallus Labelmaster available on the market in order to test the machine in the field and under proper production circumstances. This Gallus Labelmaster, equipped with 9 flexo units, was installed and put into operation in no time.


According to the company, within one year, the machine has gone through all high-quality demands of the daily printing business in serial production of commodity labels and foils. From the very beginning, the printers at All4Labels report positive feedback. Patrik Fehr, production manager at All4Labels, states, “No matter at which speed the machine runs, the printed image is always in register. […] What is also impressive is that we are extremely efficient and economic with this machine. Thanks to the short web path in between printing units and the fast job changes we produce less waste and are ready to print in shorter time intervals.”

The new machine platform Gallus Labelmaster offers a great product range, such as the high speed of up to 200 m/min, which makes the Gallus Labelmaster the fastest label press ever built, according to Gallus.

Elisabeth Fehr, managing director of All4Labels Schweiz AG, in front of the new Gallus Labelmaster (Source: Gallus)

According to the company, through a HMI touch panel, the machine can be centrally controlled, still guaranteeing easy and fast manual intervention, which shortens set-up times. The aluminium lightweight cylinders that were especially designed for this machine type can be exchanged in a few simple steps, which is another important factor for fast job changes.

The new modular platform design is made of two printing units per module. These modules are available in three different versions: the Basic version, the Plus version and the Advanced line.

In June, Gallus invites to its next edition of its Innovation Days – find more details in this post!

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