Grafisk Maskinfabrik – Lamination module and laser die-cutter at Xeikon Café 2017

BELGIUM • The Danish company will show its expertise in label converting and finishing at the 2017 edition of Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations set for 28 to 31 March. Efficiencies in the digital production of multi-layer and self-adhesive labels will be presented with the integrated Grafisk Maskinfabrik equipment in live application demonstrations.

The in-register lamination unit utilizes the full web with providing efficient production of multi-layer labels in doubling capacity and full flexibility in the label design and size, an advantage in promoting giveaways, detailed instructions, multilingual information, and displaying legal text. Full servo control ensures high register accuracy between the top and bottom layer, and the system automatically controls web tension and register, while providing instant feedback to the user on the built-in touch screen.


To counter the challenges of smaller runs and shorter lead times, Grafisk Maskinfabrik  offers the DC330Hybrid laser die-cutting converter. With this system labels can be made on the laser and longer runs or difficult materials can be processed on the conventional semi-rotary die-cut module. Offering zero changeover time and no die plate cost, the laser die-cutter is ideal for digital presses, and is also a good example of “Industry 4.0” automation where the press and the finishing machine are tightly connected.

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