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IMS Deltamatic – Coeclerici as new majority shareholder

Paolo Clerici, Coeclerici S.p.A. (left) and Raffaele Ghilardi, IMS Deltamatic S.p.A. (Source: IMS Deltamatic)

ITALY • The company IMS Deltamatic S.p.A. strengthened its capital structure due to an investment by Coeclerici S.p.A. assuming a majority stake (67%) in the company. According to the both companies this enables growth on a global scale.

Beyond financial support, Deltamatic is set to benefit from Coeclerici’s expertise, structure and knowledge of international markets where the company has been a global reference point for raw materials supply chain management for over 120 years.

Raffaele Ghilardi, Chairman of the IMS Deltamatic S.p.A., has been confirmed at the helm of the company, together with the CEO Daniele Vaglietti. According to the company, this transaction gives Deltamatic, the owner of brands as Goebel IMS, deltamatic, Rotomac, Casper, Turra and Deltamould –industrial continuity in order to preserve activities with their current employees, management, clients and suppliers.


Rosina Obermayer

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