Laserclean – Anilox roller cleaning system with laser sold to Heartland Label Printers

USA • At Labelexpo Americas 2018, the Dutch company Laserclean sold an ALCS 1000S laser cleaning machine to the label print shop, Heartland Label Printers from Little Chute, WI.

The US-based print shop bought the laser cleaner in order to keep their rollers in optimal condition. According to Laserclean laser cleaning is the most sustainable and economical method for cleaning anilox rollers with no consumables such as granulates, chemicals, or water needed. Moreover, the company confirms that the highest printing quality can be achieved because laser cleaning restores the surface tension of the roller and maximizes cell volumes, which in turn lowers ink usage.


According to Laserclean, chain wheels and bearings do not need removal and after cleaning the roller can be used immediately. Due to a quick cleaning cycle – average rollers are set to be ready in less than seven minutes – it is possible to choose using laser cleaning only, hereby saving on chemical cleaning substances.

At Heartland Label Printers, on the first day of use a roller ready for refurbishment was cleaned with a laser. As the both companies state, the roller gave high quality print results  already saving Heartland USD 2K on the first day of use.

Left to right: Martin de Wit from Laserclean and Nate Vosters from Heartland Label Printers (Source: Laserclean)

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