Monomatik / KTI – Partnership since Labelexpo Europe 2017

FRANCE • It will soon be a year since Monomatic and KTI started an alliance – the companies report to receive a positive echo from the market. At Labelexpo Europe 2017 the two companies announced their partnership when exhibiting together on the same stand.

KTI was looking for a way to increase their product offerings to their current customer base, and to increase their presence in Europe. Monomatic was providing the perfect opportunity.


Monomatic was trying to be stronger on the US market, but did not have a base there. According to the company, the North American company KTI was the right choice, giving the chance to Monomatic by the same time to promote KTI’s range of machines in Europe for the narrow web market, both portfolios being complementary.

KTI offers non-stop unwinds and rewinds with roll diameters up to 50” (1270 mm), web widths up to 72” (1829 mm) and speeds up to 1000 fpm (305 m/min).

According to the company, on the basis of this alliance, Monomatic has received a lot of requests for quotation for narrow web equipment, specifically for tag and label applications, as well in the pharmaceutical sector as for the food industry, the cosmetic industry, RFID applications and other markets.

KTI meet demand for labelstock, PE films, even stretchable, PP, BOPP films, foils, with thicknesses from 20 up to 200 µm.


According to the company, unwind and rewind solutions include all the necessary options to handle sensitive label materials, adapted vacuum system to guarantee the stability of the web when splicing, stepped or grooved idle rollers, static neutralizing bar, splicing in register with high accuracy.


First businesses have been closed, promising potential for the months and future years.

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