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MPS – Japanese customer wins 2015 label award

Peel-off elements in the winning “Cherry Body Soap” label

THE NETHERLANDS • MPS customer Takara Pac was recently named award winner in the flexo colour process category of the 2015 L9 World Label Awards competition for their label  “Cherry Body Soap”. The winning label of the Japanese company was printed on an MPS full servo eight-colour flexo press.

Designed with a cartoon fairy-tale effect, the label is especially appealing to children with its half die-cut stickers (squirrel, butterfly and cherries) which can be peeled off the label and reapplied elsewhere. With a challenging die-cut shape, the label has a narrow band that extends to the top of the product. Printed on PET 35 through delam relam, the label received an application of glue adhesive on the first station, silicon varnish on the second, and the material was glued together with a white 50 substrate on the third station. It was then printed with four CMYK colours and finished with cold foil gold and UV adhesive on the last print station.

Established in 1955, Takara Pac Ltd. is a label printer, converter and manufacturer of packaging machinery with headquarters in Tokyo and a factory facility in Yokohama, Japan. With an annual turnover of around EUR 100 million, and 230 employees, Takara produces labels for the food, pharmaceutical and security industries. Being a pioneer in flexo printing, Takara bought their first flexo press back in 1967.

Armin Karl Geiger

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