Omet – Iran as market with high potential

IRAN • In December the Italian company participated at the  International Iran Print-Pack 2016 in order to enter the Iranian packaging printing market. Omet was represented by the agency Naem Global Packaging. In cooperation with this agent Omet will host a series  of education courses on current topics such as label printing and colour management.

The first lessons will be about anilox technology and die-cutting process, with focus on the “problem solving”. Omet further sponsors 4 scholarships dedicated to the students of the first academic course focussed on label printing, organised by IPIEU (Iran Print Industry Exporters Union) in collaboration with Color Research and Development Center (of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology), the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Culture.


According to Omet, it is one of the first Italian companies to enter Iran.  with a population of 70 million inhabitants, the economy and thererfore the packaging printing industry is changing. Naim Yavuz, the company’s agent for Iran and Turkey Iran is as “one of the most promising markets for Omet” during the next five years.

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