Omet – Second UV printing press for label production at Grafiche Amadeo

ITALY • Recently the company installed an Omet X2 370 line at Grafiche Amadeo in Liguria. The new eight-colour UV printing press  features double die-cutting station, two cold foil units, delam-relam for backside printing and other innovative solutions which will allow the printer to stand out from the crowded scenario of self-adhesive label market.

In the beginning of 2014, Omet delivered to Grafiche Amadeo the first X2 370 featuring six-colour UV and cold foil printing. The Ligurian company in the sector of sheet printing had decided to diversify their offer by entering the self-adhesive market with the production of labels in rolls.


About a year after the installation of the first line, in 2015, the demand for printed labels increased, which kept on growing in the first half of 2016. This lead to the decision of Grafiche Amadeo to invest in a new printing press. The companies are keen to continue their cooperation.

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