Rotometrics – Rotary die service to South East Europe

ROMANIA • The anilox roll manufacturer and its Romanian distributor Graphic Open Systems (GOS) have jointly developed a high-quality rotary die service partnership in Brasov. In the twelve months since opening, the service workshop has more than exceeded expectations according to Rotometrics, and prides itself on its same day turnaround.

Rotometrics South East Europe, as the operation is known, is located in a warehouse equipped with all the tooling needed to service and repair rotary dies to the highest quality.  Managed by Neil Jones, who has relocated with his family from Rotometrics UK, and employing three members of staff, the Brasov workshop is set up as an ‘on demand’, full support repair, and refurbishing service. Currently serving converters within a 150 km radius from Brasov, Sebastian Boureanu, who heads up GOS, says he is confident that the facility will attract work from further afield. With a comprehensive portfolio of complementary products to represent, Boureanu, who created GOS in 1994, is already a well-known figure in the region’s graphic arts market.


The process of die refurbishment at the workshop is one of measured control. Each die that arrives receives an initial QC evaluation and its specification is recorded. If it is damaged and requires arc welding, this is carried out at the same workstation. The die then passes to the grinding station, where it is TIR (True Indicator Reading) checked.  TIR measures concentricity and recalibrates data by grinding to remove wear and lost tolerance down to 1- to 2-micron. Bearers, body, and blades are all ground back to original specification.

The die then passes to either hand-sharpening or machine-sharpening as appropriate, before inspection for clearance (bearer to blade tip), which is determined by intended usage, which may be metal to metal, multi-level, or pressure sensitive. The refurbished die is then tested using the customer’s own material to check die strike, and if all meets the quality check, it is reassembled, wrapped and packed for shipping with full documentation of work carried out and new specifications for future reference.

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