Screen – Italian label printer buys UV inkjet press Truepress Jet L350UV

Screen Truepress Jet L350 UV recently installed at Italian label producer Etichettificio Dany (Source: Screen)

ITALY • Etichettificio Dany has invested in a Screen Truepress Jet L350UV  press press in order to meet increased demand for low volume work. Based in Riccione, Italy, Etichettificio Dany prints self-adhesive labels mostly for food, beverage, detergents and personal care packaging.

With a running speed of 50 m/mi (164 fpm), Screen print heads with four step droplet technology and the Equios workflow system, the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV garantues according to the company high production and quality standards.  supplied to Etichettificio Dany by REM the line is set to allow rapid job changes and delivering an ideal solution for medium- and low-run work.


“The new machine serves to meet the demands of our customers in relation to increased job variations and short-runs, complementing our existing flexo presses,” says Marco Olivieri, director at Etichettificio Dany. “We believe this investment will benefit all markets that need shorter timescales but require superior quality to other digital technologies.”

REM Solutions Manager, Ettore Maretti, comments: “Able to guarantee a high standard of assistance both during installation and aftersales through constant remote monitoring of the press, this is a very important aspect to minimise downtime and ensure planned and targeted interventions. The result is at least 90% uptime of the press.”

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