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Trojanlabel – 60% growth rate in third commercial year

Trojanlabel managing director Mikkel Wichmann at the Company HQ in Herlev

DENMARK • During its first three years of existence, the company has launched three different digital printing solutions. This resulted in a 60% growth rate and the company’s turnover in year three is more than DKK 50 million with a profit margin of 10%.

The story behind the success of the digital printers Trojan 1, 2 and 3 is based on two factors in particular: Trojanlabel manage product development and manufacturing processes very tightly to ensure a short time to market, and they are very focused on creating a product which is affordable to a broad range of users and industries.

To accomplish this, Trojanlabel has established competitive production facilities in China with 25 dedicated employees. Here, they produce and assemble the printers while design and innovation takes place in Denmark.

Armin Karl Geiger

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