Xeikon – Anjou Etiquettes invests in a CX3 digital press

Xeikon CX3 digital press installed at the French label printer Anjou Etiquette (Source: Xeikon)

FRANCE • Anjou Etiquettes has chosen the Xeikon CX3, the five-colour digital label press in order to position itself in the market for high quality short label printing runs and cost-efficient production of multiple label versions.

According to the company, it complements the existing printing equipment at Anjou Etiquettes, including offset and letterpress presses because the digital label press produce short runs with tight delivery times while meeting complex design and layout demands.


“By having an alternative to offset and letterpress, we will be able to respond quickly and at very competitive prices to requests for short label printing runs and multiple versions.” explains Maurice Darré, Chairman of Anjou Etiquettes.

Located in the heart of the Loire Valley, the reputation of Anjou Etiquettes largely rests on its ability to manufacture high quality labels for the wine industry. The Xeikon CX3 dry toner technology is ideally suited for meeting the demands of customers who use structured paper labels printed with hot- or cold-stamped gold foil and raised text.

Against the background of a growing national label market, which is driven by an increase in the number and types of products along with more stringent regulatory requirements, Anjou Etiquettes is aiming to increase its turnover through this investment, in particular by attracting new customers it was unable to serve before.

“We estimate that digital printing will soon account for between 15% and 20% of our global business,” Darré concludes. “We have already received a number of orders for short printing runs in the cosmetics and confectionery industries. We are now also able to service the market for unique labels used for traceability and in the fight against counterfeiting.”

Xeikon, manufacturer of digital label press and a Flint company, recently displayed its range of press at its open house expo “Xeikon Café” – read more to the event in this post.

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