Xeikon – Record sales in USA and Canada announced

BELGIUM • The company reported a record sales year in North America with figures over 70%. Xeikon expects to be positioned for a better result in 2017.

According to the company, it has already booked a number of orders this year and is now expanding their efforts into the heat transfer (HT), inmould label (IML), and folding carton (FC) markets.
Popular for commercial printers and retailers is the recently launched 9800 series presses. According to Xeikon, a big player in the North American retail market, bought two to support the production of its own marketing materials. Xeikon 3030 is also attracting interest from small to midsize companies moving into digital production, thanks to its great value and high quality. Companies such as Label Aid Inc., Huron, OH, installed Xeikon’s fastest high quality press, the Cheetah CX3.


In March Xeikon organises its Xeikon Café event, a four-day event which takes place in Lier, Belgium.

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