Asahi Photoproducts – Water-washable flexo plate solutions at Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2018

Asahi Photoproducts at the first edition of Labelexpo Southeast Asia (Source: Asahi)

THAILAND • Asahi Photoproducts, a pioneer in flexographic photopolymer plate development, today reported it will be showing its AWP line of water-washable flexographic plate solutions featuring its clean transfer technology at Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2018. The show is a brand-new event in the Labelexpo Global Series.

Visitors will be able to talk with Asahi about the benefits of fixed colour palette printing, which uses a fixed palette of up to seven inks to virtually eliminate the need for spot colour inks. Because it uses a fixed set of inks, there is no wash-up required between jobs, and combo jobs are made easier.


According to Asahai, in addition, there is less waste in the printing process, improving throughput and productivity. Asahi plates with clean transfer technology deliver the precise plate-to-plate register required to implement this printing process successfully.

At Labelexpo Southeast Asia, Asahi Photoproducts will be showing the AWP-DEW plate solution, incorporating the renowned quality properties of AWP-DEF plates with the addition of a faster plate processing speed. According to the company, this makes this plate suitable for labels and packaging operations.

A feature of many of Asahi’s flexographic printing plates, Clean Transfer Technology enables a clean ink transfer and prevents ink accumulating on the plate surfaces and shoulders in screen areas. According to Asahi, this leads to fewer cleaning intervals and reduced press downtime, as well as quality improvements. Precise plate register achieved with Asahi plates is set to ensure very high quality process printing with a fixed colour palette, minimizing the need to use and manage spot colour inks.

According to the company, clean transfer technology allows a kiss-touch printing pressure setting. It makes use of low plate surface tension, made possible by a specially engineered Asahi polymer chemistry, to inhibit liquid flow. The ink forms a globule, with a large contact angle and high pinning point. This results in a cleaner and more homogeneous ink transfer from plate to substrate, helping flexographic printers meet the ever-increasing quality demands of their customers.

At Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2018 Asahi will be located on stand D36.

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