BST eltromat – Solutions for web guiding, inspection and colour measurement

BST eltromat exhibits its product portfolio such as its CompactGuide at Labelexpo Europe 2017 (Source: BST eltromat)

BELGIUM • At Labelexpo Europe the German company will exhibit different solutions for web guiding, web monitoring, 100% inspection, colour measurement and register control in hall 6, stand E60.

The company shows, for example, its CompactGuide with a CLS Pro 600 digital line and contrast sensor and a CompactGuide with a wide array sensor. BST eltromat will further exhibit an EcoGuide in Brussels which can also be individually configured to meet a range of requirements.


On display is also the ekr commander for the ekr 500 digital controller. The new product has a flexible touchscreen, completely revised hardware, new software and a higher-resolution graphical display. The new system is 100% downward compatible.

BST eltromat is bringing its web monitoring systems to Labelexpo Europe 2017. Launched last year at drupa, the Powerscope 5000 can be operated via the hotkeys of the external keyboard or using the gesture control of a multi touch monitor. In both cases, operation is reduced to the essential functions. The web monitoring system also features a wear-free electronic zoom and has a high-resolution digital camera and LED flash.

On display will be the web monitoring system BST Powerscope 5000 on a rewinder. CompactGuide, a SHARK 4000 Lex system for 100% inspection and the TubeScan eagle view inspection system developed by Nyquist Systems, a BST eltromat cooperation partner, will also be exhibited on the same rewinder.

BST eltromat will demonstrate the options of its modular iPQ-Center which can be combined with solutions of other manufacturers such as the automation engine from Esko. Moreover, the company’s FSS 15 ink fountain control in combination with the AR4000 register control as well as it management solutions at Labelexpo Europe (hall 6, stand E60).


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