BST eltromat – Successful exhibition at Labelexpo

At Labelexpo Europe 2017 BST eltromat presented the new ekr commander (Source: BST eltromat)

BELGIUM • The manufacturer of quality assurance systems for web-processing industries announced that this year – 2017- BST eltromat had its most successful participation at a Labelexpo Europe show. Particularly in demand were web guiding and web monitoring systems, but also the solutions of packaging printing, such as the iPQ-Center. The company cooperates with Nyquist Systems for 100% inspection systems for the narrow web as well as with Carl Ostermann Erben (COE), Colorware and Colorbreeze in the field of colour.

Together with partners Carl Ostermann Erben (full-service provider for pre-press and printing plate production), Colorware (manufacturer of color management software), and Colorbreeze (specialists in the optimization of graphic processes) BST eltromat presented the advantages of a consistent combination of process steps, from the pre-press stage through the quality assurance systems to product analyses with informative reports.


The company showed how preparatory functions of the pre-press stage can be used in the subsequent process steps, how machine operators receive recommendations for action from the quality assurance systems during the printing process, and how they benefit from the wealth of information available in the collected data. The holistic view on the production process and the set-up of the quality assurance systems also leads to cost savings, according to BST Eltromat.

The company further presented the new ekr commander, for the ekr 500 digital controller, with intuitive operation and a revised hardware. The new software features a higher-resolution graphical display and ar flexible touchscreen. The new system provides support in areas where it makes sense to use a touchscreen – during setup or for direct data input, for example. Its feature “tactical feedback” shall prevent incorrect operation. The new ekr commander is 100% downward compatible. In machines that already operate with ekr 500 digital controllers, it can replace the current commanders. For web guiding systems installed in machines, customers can connect an optional, second ekr commander.

After the market launch at drupa last year, the PowerScope 5000 web monitoring system was on display. It can be operated via the hotkeys of the external keyboard or using the intuitive gesture control of a multitouch monitor.

With partner Nyquist Systems, BST eltromat presented the TubeScan portfolio on two booths. BST eltromat showed the TubeScan eagle view, which combines 100% print inspection with web monitoring. With the new QLink Workflow, Nyquist Systems has expanded its TubeScan product portfolio and has concentrated on synchronization, data handling and error editing.

With its four modules – iPQ-Check for 100% inspection, iPQ-View for web monitoring, iPQ-Spectral for inline spectral color measurement and iPQ-Workflow as the connective element – the modular iPQ-Center was also displayed.

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