Erhardt+Leimer – Review of Labelexpo Europe 2017

Erhardt+Leimer showcased its 200% print inspection at Labelexpo Europe 2017 (Source: E+L)

BELGIUM • “The 200% printing inspection technology was a great success at Brussels Expo” – this states Erhardt+Leimer (E+L). At Labelexpo the German company sold almost 30 Smartscan camera systems for quality assurance and presented its new “200% printing inspection” technology.

By 200% inspection, E+L actually do mean that the web is inspected twice. The images of the web are captured with two different illumination methods and then evaluated. The double image capture means that defects in the material or printing can be detected that are not visible using classic incident illumination (100% inspection).


These defects can, for example, be white unremoved matrices on a white carrier material, which may remain undetected without the use of a special camera during matrix stripping. Thanks to the double inspection, it is now even possible to detect defects located on the rear side of a label. In this case, it is about detecting pockets of dirt, insects or also damage. The benefit becomes even clearer in the case of splice point detection. Usually, a splice point can be recognized easily on the front side of the carrier material. However, splice points are typically located on the rear side of the material, meaning that they are invisible to a classical 100% inspection.

The 200% inspection system contains a second lighting unit behind the web. However, this is not a special feature. The real difference lies in the double image capture. Thus, two images are captured in succession at full production speed: One is only illuminated from the back and the other from both front and back. Then, both images are evaluated in sequence and checked for defects.

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