FAG – New measuring tool for label and package printing

FAG’s new measuring tool FAG Presto DX (Source: FAG)

BELGIUM • At Labelexpo Europe 2017 the company will show its new spectrometer Presto DX. In order to control the print quality, as in the past with a densitometer, the new measurement tool FAG Presto DX has been developed in order to keep life as simple as it was in densitometer times, but also as flexible as now in spectrophotometer times.

The new solution FAG Presto DX can be configured to measure SCTV in place of Murray Davies with a pass/fail indicator monitoring dot gain in and out of tolerance. The embedded colour library of four books with eight reference colours each makes the device also suitable for fixed-colour-palette applications, also when on different printing presses and using different colour palettes.


According to FAG, the high contrast display of the measuring tool using E-paper technology gives a very good readability of the measurement results. The FAG Presto DX is as easy to use as a densitometer and as flexible as a spectrophotometer.

A major important print quality function is the amount of dot gain. If it is too high a dot gain will damage details in the shadow area; a low dot gain will make the image look flat. Currently densitometers are using the Murray Davies formula to calculate the dot gain. The dot area curve is based on this curve and the dot compensation duly applied.  Thus, a visual printed linear gradient is expected. The result can look too flat and the compensation can differ depending on the colour. As a consequence of this flaw the new Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV – ISO CD 20654) formula based on lab values has been developed. This formula  leads to a linear compensation independent from the base colour.

The company will exhibit in hall 8, stand A45

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