Flint Group – Print samples at Labelexpo 2017 in detail

BELGIUM • At Labelexpo 2017 Flint Group exhibited the first time with its three divisions. The shown print samples are the result of the partnership between Flint Group, and its customers Marvaco (Sweden) for design and prepress work and St-Luc labels & packaging (Belgium) for the final printing of the shrink sleeve.

According to the company group, the three samples – flexible packaging, PS high quality label and shrink sleeve –illustrate the interplay of Flint’s imagers, printing plates, sleeves and printing inks


The flexible packaging sample was printed using UV LED low migration technology, EkoCure Ancora. The pressure sensitive label printed in conventional UV flexo, Flexocure Force, was printed at the technical centre for narrow web at Flint Group in Trelleborg, Sweden.

Production of the shown samples – details:

  • Flexible packaging: EkoCure Ancora – a low migration UV LED flexo ink suitable for food label and packaging applications.
  • PS high quality label: Flexocure Force – an UV Flexo ink with high rheology, high colour strength and high print and press performance, according to Flint
  • Shrink sleeve: Printed with Flexocure Ancora 50 – a versatile low migration UV flexo range of inks for food label and certain packaging applications, using special opaque white ink YFA90101 with low COF, high opacity and over-printability
The three samples – flexible packaging, PS high quality label and shrink sleeve – shown by Flint Group at Labelexpo Europe 2017 (Source: Flint)

More details to Flint Group exhibiting at Brussels Expo in September 2017 find in this post.

For getting these print samples get in touch with labelexpo@flintgrp.com.

That’s how a Flint Group factor looks like! (Source: Flint Group)

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