Gallus – Labelmaster Advanced with multiweb feature

The new Gallus Labelmaster press features a special platform design and can be configured according to specific customer requirements (Source: G&K)

BELGIUM • The Gallus Labelmaster Advanced line’s with multiweb feature offers label printers a variety of processes, as the relevant finishing and printing units can be changed at any machine position. In the new platform system, the Labelmaster is made up of modules each comprising two printing units. Besides being provided with flexo printing units, the press can also be equipped with a newly developed screenprinting unit that enables users to make the most of high-end finishing options.

The Labelmaster machine platform boasts a whole series of product highlights, such as a very short web path of just 1.4 m (4.6 ft) between printing units and a high maximum speed of 200 m/min (656 fpm). The press can be controlled centrally via an HMI touch panel, although manual intervention is also supported, and is provided with lightweight aluminium printing cylinders which contributes to very short setup times. In addition, press offers an impressive register accuracy – whether the press is being run at a low setup speed or accelerated to a high maximum speed.

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