Labelexpo Americas 2018 – Preview Part 2: Companies from K to Z

Labelexpo Americas 2018 takes place from 25 to 27 September in Chicago, IL, USA (Source: Tarsus)

In a week the largest label show in 2018 opens its doors in Chicago. Our second part of the Labelexpo Americas Preview gives details to products and launches from a range of exhibiting companies, from K like Kocher+Beck to Z like Zeller+Gmelin.

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The whole Labelexpo Americas Preview as layouted version is available as download for free in our shop!

Kocher+Beck – Stand 529

The company’s non-stop product line UR Precision splicer and the Quick Change Pro die-cutting station are set to help reduce start-up time and waste on printing and converting process. Combined with just in time precision tooling supply the units perfectly support the industries steadily growing “on demand approach”. New intelligent data link communication features do accomplish to follow the Industry 4.0 standards and are able to hook up with common MIS systems to steer and monitor the process and to provide real time information on production figures and stock control.

The Automation Arena at Labelexpo Americas 2018 in Chicago will demonstrate the power of such new cyber-physical tools on a reality production process. A Kocher+Beck UR Precision splicer and a Quick change cutting station will be part of this showcase.

Lombardi – Stand 3005

The company will make its debut at Labelexpo Americas with the collaboration of KPG (official partner for the entire United States market). After a beginning of the year that saw the entry into the American market with the sale of four flexo presses, the Synchroline press will be at display in Chicago. This modular designed press is provided with ten colour units, is full servo riven, offers a pre-register and register control system and runs at a maximum speed of 200 m/min (656 fpm). Synchroline is able to print any kind of substrates, passing from aluminium to adhesive paper or to cardboard. The compatibility with the Toro unit (inline hot foiling) and the Bravo unit (inline flat screen printing) makes Synchroline an interesting choice in terms of efficiency to off-line processes for label finishing.

Label Traxx – Stand 5920

 Label Traxx is a management software system for the label converting industry. New Siteline for Label Traxx, the customer web portal, introduces collaborative e-commerce. Siteline includes order history, access to custom labels and relevant stock labels for easy re-order, as well as collaboration tools. Integrated with Label Traxx MIS, Siteline means that users will be able to better manage the process of producing new labels for customers in a single portal. Label-buyer customers can view their order history via a mobile device and place orders anytime. Orders placed online drop directly into Label Traxx MIS and queue to be scheduled. A chat area for customer projects is included, helping the company’s CSRs to manage customer interactions and track job status.

Lemu Group – Stand 6104

On display will be the GTU converting line with automatic boxing and palletizing. Lemu Group´s GTU is a fully automatic solution in order to produce and pack in one step glueless label-rolls. According to the company this non-stop solution is specially suitable for short length rolls – usually in thermal paper.

The GTU is a full-servo line that includes three flexo printing groups (WB and UV inks), die-cutting and perforating stations, slitting, a glueless four-shafts turret rewinder and an automatic boxing and palletising line.

Lundberg – Stand 1617

Lundberg Tech presents their latest products, technologies and services at the show in Chicago and demonstrates their MatrixCompactor and granulator.

MatrixCompactor 400 is an example system for three printing presses prepared for four. According to Lundberg the All-in-one unit is designed to handle matrix and edge trim waste from up to four label printing and converting machines even with adhesives. Matrix and edge trim is captured directly in the machine and cut into small pieces in a granulator. Afterwards it is conveyed through a piping system by vacuum created by a transport ventilator. In the end the waste is compacted in the integrated WasteCompactor.

Maan Engineering – Stand 1804   

The company will introduce a hybrid laminating coating line in the US for the production of laminates and linerless labels. Maan Engineering’s new technology is used in the hot-melt coating station which, together with the silicone coating station, comprises the core of the Maan coating equipment range.

The basis of the hybrid technology is that, when switching from laminate to linerless, the hot-melt coating Station is rotated. In this way, both sides of the paper or foil strip can be coated with hot melt, meaning that the station can be used not only for laminating, but also for linerless. Using VR goggles, interested visitors can experience the capabilities of Maan’s new line. Using different coating and converting techniques in a single line and applying the adhesive and silicone themselves, printers can make special laminates that distinguish them from their competitors.

MacDermid Graphics Solutions – Stand 528

The supplier of photopolymer printing plates and platemaking systems will focus on showcasing the recent expansion of their flat-top dot portfolio and thermal platemaking equipment. Patrick Mullaney, Vice President Americas, states: “partnerships linked to our product portfolio that we believe will have a positive impact on the flexographic label industry for years to come. I encourage label businesses to visit us to learn more about optimizing the platemaking workflow and taking labels to the next level.”

The whole Labelexpo Americas Preview as layouted version is available as download for free in our shop!

Martin Automatic – Stand 811   

The launch of a new version of its MBS splicer will be at the Chicago label show. The new space saving non-stop roll changer has the smallest inline footprint on the market, made possible by its integrated 90-degree turnbar, so the company states. This makes it a suitable splicer for label printers with limited floor space, but who still demand reliable performance and high productivity. Martin will run an LRD automatic transfer rewinder in conjunction with the splicer to demonstrate continuous operation.

The new MBS splicer on show has been sold to medication packaging provider, Omnicell, while the LRD rewinder will be installed on a Gallus press at a Martin customer in Asia after the exhibition.

Mark Andy – Stand 319

Six new innovations not yet seen by the Labelexpo Americas attendees will be unveiled and eight technologies are slated to be demonstrated during the event on stand 319. This year’s show will introduce a new model of the Performance Series press line. The P7E was recently launched and brings advancements that promote operator efficiencies and enhanced automation through Mark Andy AI. The P7E is also joined by the new P5E and P9E models.

The P9E  caters for those interested in going wider and taking all competencies of the P5E and P7E into film and flexible packaging. An interactive P9E module will be on display for those looking to learn more about the wider platform and new print station loading mechanisms. In addition to new features, the P7E will be outfitted with Digital Plus Screen, a rail mounted UV inkjet retrofit. The modular hybrid solution is a digital replacement for rotary screen and delivers a scalable ink thickness  for tactile effects. The unit can be incorporated into new press builds and is retrofittable on any flexo press.

Making its’ first formal trade show debut since the March product launch is Digital Series HD. The True Hybrid runs 240 fpm with all colours (CMYK+OGV) with a visible print quality of 1200 dpi. Digital Series HD is configurable in the form of digital colours, converting preferences, VDP packages and inline flexo options. Digital One, the entry-level press will be printing on an entire suite of Avery Dennison substrates as a part of a strategic partnership between the two brands for the event.

Mark Andy / DuPont – Stand 319

The technology to be will include Mark Andy VPM400 video plate mounter, DuPont Cyrel Fast 2000 TD thermal processor, and Esko’s CDI Crystal 4835 XPS system (Stand 749). In order to show attendees supplies and plates in action Mark Andy equipment will be demonstrated on stand 319.

Mark Andy Print Products was named as the exclusive distributor of DuPont Cyrel flexo platemaking systems in the United States. Visitors to the co-sponsored stand 749 will see platemaking and processing equipment, plate mounting. Mark Andy Print Products supply products  for flexo, digital hybrid, and offset printing equipment.

The VPM400 is a standalone unit with adjustable table, plate cylinder mounting rails and laser pointers providing fast and accurate plate mounting. On-demand demonstrations of the plate mounter will be available on Mark Andy’s stand 319.

The DuPont Cyrel FAST 2000 TD, also on display is a thermal solvent free flexo plate processor. According to the company the equipment is environmentally friendly with no solvents to handle, store or recycle and no drying time is required, enabling businesses to create high-quality Cyrel FAST press-ready plates in less than an hour. The newest Esko CDI Crystal 4835 XPS created to combine flexo plate imaging and exposure will be on the stand.

Meech – Stand 551
On display will be Meech’s Model 924IPS Bar and CyClean non-contact web cleaning system. The Model 924IPS is a Hyperion product, a compact, short-range pulsed DC ionizing bar suitable for use in a range of sectors, including labelling, print, packaging and converting. Short-range ionization allows the small cross-sectional size to fit into tight installation positions. According to Meech, its Ion Current Monitoring (ICM) technology ensures performance is maintained. Capable of removing contamination to below 1 micron, the CyClean ensures cleanliness is maintained throughout the production process.

Mouvent – Stand 5200

The Swiss start-up company presents its Mouvent Cluster Technology for digital label printing in Chicago. The Mouvent Cluster is a new approach, which uses compact and lightweight clusters instead of fixed size print bars by color, arranging them in a modular, scalable matrix. Print samples from the three available Mouvent digital label printers will be on show at the booth.

Mouvent is currently working on its sales and service structure for the US market as well as on setting up a show room before offering its solutions into the country. The company aims to launch the first of its products in America in 2019.

Mouvent  has launched three digital label printers in Europe: the LB701-UV mini label press, which is – according to the company – the “smallest high-productivity label press on the market”, the LB702-UV label press for fast industrial label production and the LB702-WB label press, which uses water-based Mouvent inks. The three label printers can all print up to seven colours on a range of substrates  at production speeds of up to 100 m/min with a native resolution of 1200×1200 and optical 2000 dpi.

 MPS Systems– Stand 911   

Two presses for the narrow web industry will be demonstrated by MPS Systems North America: a fully automated EF flexo press in the North American debut of Automation Arena, and the EF Symjet digital/flexo hybrid solution.

Being part of the Automation Arena once again the manufacturer presents the MPS EF-APC advanced machine with 100% print automation, for sleeves and anilox positioning. A feature of this automated flexo solution is the MPS “talk to me” connectivity technology, for Industry 4.0 implementation. “Talk to me” is a protocol for exchanging data between management information systems (MIS) and MPS printing presses and to pre- and post-press systems, to digitally supply set-up variables to the machines.

Visitors to the stand will see the MPS EF Symjet hybrid solution (flexo/inkjet). This press combines the MPS EF flexo platform with the integrated Domino N610i inkjet engine in order to allow converters to combine flexo and digital printing and converting in one pass.

Nilpeter – Stand 3205   

The press manufacturer will showcase the All New FA and the Panorama Hybrid presses, both manufactured at Nilpeter’s manufacturing facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio. The two presses are making their US expo debuts following the official product launch last year in Brussels, Belgium.

The FA is the latest addition to the company’s flexo program and provides – according to Nilpeter – a maximum level of stability, the tightest register tolerance, and very good printing results on a range of substrates.

Nilpeter’s digital product line, Panorama, is set to cover a varied spectrum of customer requirements. The Panorama Hybrid on display will feature an advanced digital Inkjet print engine, UV-lamination, and a semi-rotary die station, among others.

The whole Labelexpo Americas Preview as layouted version is available as download for free in our shop!

Omet – Stand 3123

Visitors to the label show in Chicago will also see the Omet iFlex hybrid press which is demonstrated for the first time in the US: The new Omet XJet powered by Durst, unveiled last February, is a hybrid printing machine that integrates inline the Durst Tau RSC digital inkjet group with the Omet X6’s flexo printing, finishing and converting units for a range of final applications.  According to the press manufacturer the advantage of this line is to get the produce the final product in a single pass.

The second line on display, the Omet iFlex, features a range of smart solutions, designed specifically to make the entire printing process even easier and more intuitive. This includes: iLight, a pre-registration system with a laser pointer on each flexo unit; iVision, a register adjustment system allowing real-time setting through a set of smart cameras; iDrive, new direct driven transmission on the impression cylinder, which allows better performance and higher stability; Easy Change Die-Cut (ECDC) which eliminates long changeover times through a special sliding device.

Pantec – Stand 1847   

The company will demonstrate the flatbed hot-foil embossing system Rhino II S 410 with a production of a three-foil rum label at in-line web speed of 68 m/min (223 fpm). Rhino is suitable for high-end label applications in spirits (rum, tequila, gin, whiskey) and wine. The market for these labels shows an increasing demand for higher numbers of foil effects. This requires higher multi-stroke performance of multi-effect decoration systems to ensure an economic single pass production in future.
Rhino IIS operates with up to 30’000 strokes/h, allowing in-line production of e.g. two-foil designs at 102 m/min (335 fpm) or four-foil designs at 51 m/min (167 fpm). According to Pantec, enhancements with the optional application of registered patches the Rhino IIS 510 enables efficient in-line decoration to packaging (carton and flexible) and security (Fresnel) applications.

According to the company, the rotary patch application and foil saving system Swift is now ready for HPC-labels and shrink sleeves. With the application of up to 430’000 patches/h the solution will meet the increasing demand for efficient application of eye-catching, registered foil effects.

Phoseon – Stand 940   

Phoseon FireJet FJ605 is one of the latest extensions of the company’s FireJet air-cooled product range and combines Phoseon’s WhisperCure and TargetCure technologies. The FireJet FJ605 provides simple integration with advanced control features, plus high-power output for press speeds up to 1,000 fpm (304 m/min). FJ605 is a low-maintenance system with simple air filter replacements.

According to Phoseon, the FireJet FJ601 UV LED curing system simplifies retrofits with a self-contained air-cooled design. With a form-factor optimized for narrow web presses, the latest addition is easy to integrate and suitable for a range of flexo, web offset and rotary screen applications. The air-cooled system offers customers process stability and a consistent and precise UV curing output. Phoseon’s TargetCure technology is further set to provide reliable results and increased yields.

Primera Technology – Stand 6410
The manufacturer of specialty printing equipment will show its latest addition to its desktop label printing line. According to Primera the LX910 is the company’s fastest, highest quality printer to date which is suitable for label houses to resell to meet short print run demands. The company also has two additional brand new products set for debut at the show.

Roll-2-Roll Technologies – Stand 460

The company will feature its Roll-2-Roll Technologies Web Guide Retrofit or replacement Kit. It is set to enable easy an upgrade of existing web guiding system with the next generation sensing and control technology. According to Roll-2-Roll Technologies these replacement kits are compatible with most common web guiding systems in converting lines. The integration process is seamless with the company’s drop-in web guide solution.

 Rotocontrol – Stand 3511

With three machines showcasing a range of finishing innovations with demonstrations Rotocontrol will join EMT International in their first exhibition at Labelexpo Americas 2018,

On the stand will be the DT-Series 340 for advanced finishing of digitally preprinted label rolls, the FC-Series 540 fully-automatic turret for rewinding pressure sensitive self-adhesive labels, and the RSC-Series 440 high-performance, compact, extremely robust label slitter/rewinder.

EMT will provide technical information and application support for their Chameleon high speed inkjet finishing solutions. Additionally, label punching, die cut units and a variety of label press auxiliary components including shafts, slitter holders, and plow folding solutions will be displayed.

Rotometrics – Stand 129   
A range of new solutions will be introduced. This includes Electro Optic die-cutting technology, which features enhanced levelness and consistency for optimal performance on the most challenging materials and RotoRepel, a non-stick treatment offering enhanced performance benefits, and a formulation on file with the US FDA. is a new and improved online quoting and order website with enhanced features in order to better track and manage die libraries. Express LaneT Delivery and Fast Track Manufacturing offers more qualifying solid dies for next day shipping and quicker production time. Further highlights will be AccuPrint EC Print Sleeves in order to create dimensional stability and repeat performance and Challenger Solid Die, which is specifically designed for Polylith and other abrasive materials.

The whole Labelexpo Americas Preview as layouted version is available as download for free in our shop!

Schobertechnologies – Stand 1317

The company will demonstrate the RSM410-MX Digi-Varicut . Visitors will further see rotary die cutting modules featuring pressure monitoring to provide additional safety during pressure adjustments. On display will also be a rotary die cutting-perforating module for processing multiple blisters in one sheet or as an individual package, made up of various materials, including  PVC and PET. RSM-Digi-Varicut lines are especially suitable for digitally printed flexible packaging materials which combines continuous and vector rotary die cutting technology, in re-registration mode. Schober USA will also show rotary cutting & creasing tools for the production of packaging blanks and rotary punching tools for the production of roof sheet protectors.

Siegwerk Druckfarben – Stand 5923   

The ink manufacturer will introduce its new Sicura Flex Orbis ink series, a new generation of UV flexo inks especially developed for pressure sensitive paper, film labels, unsupported films and shrink sleeve applications. According to Siegwerk, the new series offers high colour strength and low viscosity for an improved print performance at higher speeds. The monochromatic base ink series provides a wider expanded colour gamut.

Demonstrations of FastMatch, a web-based colour management software program for accurate ink formulations, will take place. FastMatch is available for water-based and UV inks, and can utilize the user’s preferred substrate. According to the company it allows printers to reduce set up times and waste with every colour in the Pantone book. Colours can be standardized and stored in a database that can be utilized across several locations. FastMatch is only available in the USA and Canada.

Siegwerk will also commercially launch a new water-based lamination system called HyperLam and a new system of metallics called Aqua Sparkle X. Furthermore, the latest product enhancements to popular brands such as Ultra Pro, Film III and Poly Screen III systems will be highlighted.

Spartanics – Stand 3015
The manufacturer of digital laser converting systems will show the new Laser Lite digital finishing machine. This model is intended for the small to medium run label market with target run speeds of 10 m/min to 60 m/min (32.8 – 196.8 fpm) and a web width of 340 mm (13.38”). The system on show features a compact footprint, only occupying approximately 25 square feet. The design allows for converting options such as lamination, slitting and a laser upgrade with high-speed Galvo for even faster throughput. It has a small compact design and is affordable to meet the needs of this market space. With a web with of 340 mm the Laser Lite converting system

Tilia Labs – Stand 6461

The company will preview new features of its forthcoming Phoenix 7.0 software release. Developed for optimizing substrate usage and boosting setup speed, flexibility and control for narrow-web label printers, highlights of 7.0 include key lane-based planning, standing die support and marks control.

The new tilia Phoenix version 7.0 will also incorporate significant performance enhancements to the Imposition AI engine. Data processing capable of keeping up with the fastest presses on the market complements recent improvements to template-based planning and optimizations for sheets and rolls. According to Tilia Labs, major estimating and reporting enhancements also allow for better analysis, accountability and future planning.

Tresu Group – Stand 1308

On display will be solutions for automatically regulating ink circulation on flexo presses, with its ancillary programme of chamber doctor blades and ink supply systems that eliminate waste, reduce manual costs and ensure uniform, clean print quality at faster production speeds.

Tresu chamber doctor blades are available for printing widths up to six metres. The chamber programme includes lightweight, corrosion-resistant carbon fibre and ceramic variants. According to the company the chambers include a seal system that eliminates leakage, and pressure control technology to prevent air contaminating the ink when entering the anilox cells, for blister-free printing and fast, safe blade-change.

The stand highlight will be the new FlexiPrint Reservoir SAVEink chamber doctor blade, for narrow-web flexo applications up to 800 mm (31.49”) wide.

The whole Labelexpo Americas Preview as layouted version is available as download for free in our shop!

 UEI Group – Stand 356   

The supplier of engraved narrow web flatbed dies, solid rotary cylinders, flexible dies, and lock-up systems for foil stamping and embossing will show the NW SpeedChase NXT system. According to the company this new product line improves die lock-up significantly and features quick, precision, magnetic mounting of the dies and counters, in less than one minute. At the show they will further highlight Infinity Foils, which offers, according to UEI Group, an enhanced rotary foil for hot, cold and digital applications.

Ushio Corporation – Stand 3833

The New UniJet i150III series UV LED will be introduced by Ushio Corporation. The i150 III series was developed in order to satisfy the stringent demands of  the UV curing and printing markets. The i150is the latest in addition to the Unijet series.

According to the company the proprietary Master peak technology achieves 17 W/cm2 or more at a working distance of 5 mm (0.196”) and is available in multiple wavelengths.  The i150III series also has variable controlled output from 14-100% along with a user replaceable LED Board. The i150 III is versatile and comes in sizes ranging from 75 mm (2.95”) to 525 mm (20.66”) to fit to digital and conventional printing applications.

Valloy – Stand 6611

The company will show its range of digital label finishers and blade die-cutters.

The 13” (330 mm) digital roll to roll label printer, Bizpres 13R uses a LED production printing engine, with direct customization and co-development by Xerox. According to the company, the printing speed of 7.26 m/min can handle 1000 m2 jobs by changing rolls 3 to 4 times with up to 1200 × 2400 dpi. Bizpress 13R can print on 60 to 250 micron thick papers, PET, PP, PE and PVC films. Embedded high-voltage ionizer prevents static problems. It uses 25K high-capacity toner and 70K high-capacity drum.

Duoblade is a high speed economic digital label finisher. Its hybrid system combines flat-bed and roll-to-roll systems.  Substrate  transportation is only in a forwarding direction without repeatedly shuttling forward and backward like others in order to achieve  registration accuracy. According to Valloy, the automatic web-guide edge adjustment system guarantees feeding accuracy throughout the operation. The “all-inclusive model” includes laminating, matrix removal, slitting, trimming and mini roll separation.

The digital sheet-fed blade die-cutter, Duoblade F, is a sheet label digital die-cutting machine, with more advanced technologies included. The line can stack 1000 sheets at one time and cut them with automatic registration control and collect finished sheets in the basket.

Vetaphone – Stand 5605   

On static display will be the newest generation of Vetaphone’s narrow web product line, including two VE1A corona treaters and an iCorona generator. In addition, there will be Vetaphone corona systems working on narrow web presses at the expo, including those on the Mark Andy, HP Indigo, Nilpeter, Bobst, Omet, AB Graphic, Domino, ETI and Screen stands.

According to the supplier of corona and plasma surface treatment systems the latest iCorona technology and high power corona treaters are able to treat conductive and non-conductive substrates and are equipped with quick change electrode cartridges as standard.

Wikoff Color Corporation – Stand 1011

The company will show several products that have recently been released to the marketplace, including water-based and LED-cure coatings and digital inkjet primers.

For the 2018 show, Wikoff Color has partnered with Etirama. Etirama runs demonstrations of the flexo FIT model press, equipped with six UV print stations, in full operation with Wikoff Color PhotoflexLED inks and coatings.

PhotoflexLED is capable of running at speeds in excess of 750 fpm on paper, paperboard and films. This durable set of process and mixed colours cures using 395 nm LED lamp systems or your traditional UV lamps. During the show, this set will be displaying its hybrid curing capabilities under UV lamps. PhotoflexLED can be used on multiple label types and exhibits excellent adhesion, flow and transfer.

Wikoff Color will also feature their latest developments in LED coatings. Printed label samples of both matte and gloss finishes will be available. Details of the family of Aquakotes (water-based coatings) will be available. The Aquakote Family comprises 10 standard products ranging from basic matte, gloss and satin finishes to more tactile textures such as soft-feel and velvet-touch.

 Wink – Stand 1529   
At this year’s Labelexpo Americas, Wink will present its portfolio of die-cutting solutions and “maximum care” services. On display will be the new SmartGap Touch, an adjustable anvil system with digital control. The patent-pending system allows for gap adjustments steps of only half a micron (= .019 mil). According to Wink the cylinder gap (clearance) can be adapted very precisely to different liners and fluctuating liner thicknesses and the SmartGap does not have any limitations.

The newly developed digital version SmartGap “Touch” is based on the proven success concept and has a range of enhanced digital features.
In addition, Wink will also present various SuperCut flexible die versions and finishing options for a range of label applications, and new “ForceControl” pressure gauges for optimum control of the die-cutting process.

Zeller+Gmelin – Stand 1015   

The company will show its new colour ink series Uvaflex FCM Y81. In addition to its newly developed gloss varnish, these inks also include five different types of black for various applications. They complete the current FCM generation introduced to the market by Zeller+Gmelin last year. The new products have several typical features such as low migration potential and good printing properties due to the use of new raw materials and design enhancements that reduce migration-critical components. The ink series is suitable especially for food or cosmetic packaging.

The whole Labelexpo Americas Preview as layouted version is available as download for free in our shop!

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