Labelexpo Europe – The progress of the label show in the past 20 years

 The Labelexpo exhibition, in its various guises, has been in existence for 37 years, however 2018 will herald the 20th anniversary of the involvement of the Tarsus Group. Previously the show was called the Labelex event and had been held in the UK since its inception in 1980. In 1985 the show moved to Europe in the Rogier Centre in Brussels and was by then being held on a biannual basis. In 1989 the exhibition moved to its current venue at the Parc des Expositions de Bruxelles where it continued to grow slowly but surely.

A comment by Anthony “Tony” White


In 1998 Tarsus took over the management of the show which was by now called Labelexpo Europe. At that time the organisation of the event left much to be desired and was on borrowed time. It was at this point that Roger Pellow became involved with his first event under his management being held in 1999. This was a pivotal point in the Labelexpo story. Roger took control of the way in which the show was organised and propelled the show to the heights for which it is recognised today.

For the past few years Lisa Milburn has added her individual stamp to the event and continued to build on very firm foundations and the exhibition is now held in several continents around the world. The close involvement of the local label associations (initially FINAT and TLMI) 25 years ago proved to be an excellent strategic move.

The reason for this short history lesson is to indicate just how far the show has progressed in the past 20 years (2018) under the guidance of Tarsus. The recent (2017) exhibition has been given the accolade of “the best show ever”. This sentiment is echoed by all of the main press manufacturers and suppliers and visitors across the label spectrum. The additional added value components like the master classes and the specialised trails show just how far the show has progressed.

As the distinction between packaging and labels blurs the show is reinventing itself and in future will include even more narrow web packaging applications. In the intervening 20 years we must admire the foresight and diligence of the senior management of Tarsus in building such an iconic series of exhibitions which are LabelExpo. It will be interesting for future generations to see how the show develops over the next 20 years.

Table 01: The development of Labelexpo Europe visitors since 2005 (Source: Tarsus plc)



Labelexpo Europe – Visitors
2005 23126 +10%
2007 24752 +7%
2009 24169 -2%
2011 28636 +18%
2013 31795 +11%
2015 35739 +12%
2017 37724 +5.6%
Source: Tarsus plc

Table 01: The development of Labelexpo Europe visitors since 2005

This comment was first published in NarrowWebTech, print issue 4-2017. More news, reviews and comments regarding Labelexpo Europe 2017 please find in our eDossier “Labelexpo 2017 – A bundle of reviews and statements”

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