Maan Engineering – Solution for producing linerless labels and laminates

USA • The company will introduce a hybrid laminating coating line in the US for the production of laminates and linerless labels (Labelexpo Americas, stand 1804). Maan Engineering’s new technology is used in the hot-melt coating station which, together with the silicone coating station, comprises the core of the Maan coating equipment range.

The basis of the hybrid technology is that, when switching from laminate to linerless, the hot-melt coating Station is rotated. In this way, both sides of the paper or foil strip can be coated with hot melt, meaning that the station can be used not only for laminating, but also for linerless. Using VR goggles, interested visitors can experience the capabilities of Maan’s new line. Using different coating and converting techniques in a single line and applying the adhesive and silicone themselves, printers can make special laminates that distinguish them from their competitors.


Will be introduced in the US: Hybrid laminating coating line by Maan Engineering (Source: Maan Engineering)


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