Mouvent – Launch of digital label printing lines at Labelexpo 2017

A close look inside one of the new digital label printing presses by Mouvent (Source: G&K)

BELGIUM • The new joint venture from Bobst and Radex has introduced three label printers, which can print up to seven colours on a variety on substrates – paper, self-adhesive and wet-glue labelstock and flexible materials – at production speeds of up to 100 m/min (328 fpm) with a native resolution of 1200×1200 and optical 2000 dpi. Central to the digital innovation of these machines is the Mouvent Cluster, an digital printing technology based on a highly integrated cluster, which represents a quantum leap for the industry.

The new printers are:


  • The LB701-UV mini label press, according to Mouvent “the smallest high-productivity label press on the market”. The company further says, that it is compact and ergonomic, with a low TCO (total cost of ownership), which would mean that also the smallest print shops can take on high quality and highly flexible label production.
  • The LB702-UV label press, allowing fast and easy industrial label production at an incredible TCO. Variable data printing (VDP) enables label personalization and serialization. It also has a very compact footprint.
  • The LB702-WB label press, using only 100% water-based Mouvent inks, making it 100% free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and 100% food safe. According to Mouvent this line is using an environmentally-friendly printing method, all at a very economical cost.

The LB702-UV and LB702-WB will go to their beta sites for final pre-market testing in the coming weeks after the show.

Mouvent launched three digital lines at Labelexpo Europe 2017 (Source: G&K)
A close look inside one of the new digital label printing presses by Mouvent (Source: G&K)


Mouvent is a joint venture from Bobst and Radex, introduced earlier this year. Read more to the new startup company here!

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