MPS – Live demonstrations of the “talk to me” connectivity platform

Visual explanation of the “talk to me” connecitivity platform (Source: MPS)

BELGIUM •  A new connectivity platform “talk to me” that promotes interaction between MPS printing presses and management information systems (MIS) has been launched during the show. (Hall 11 Stand C20)Communication between equipment is becoming increasingly important, considering the growing shortage of skilled operators. Therefore, automating the various processes, from pre-press to printing through to the final post-press stages, is a benefit to operators and business owners.

The MIS is the link between all systems and software on the print shop floor. CERM or Labeltraxx (MIS) sends the job information via pre-press to the MPS press, and receives machine information back from the press. Together with the AVT inspection system, a quality report can be retrieved from the MIS. This report can also be used for all other connected equipment, to share information about the various processes. To ensure product quality, the AVT 100% inspection camera checks the default in print results compared to the print job file, which is taken from the pre-press. The inspection system connects the press with the post-press department. Esko colour management and workflow management are important in the pre-press stage of the process. The automation engine sends information to the press for automated job configuration.


In the process control stage, AVT Presco measures the pressure settings of the anilox and print sleeves. Together with Apex, MPS developed Smart Anilox equipped with RFID. In MIS, the RFID specifications can be read to evaluate the history and apply preventive maintenance. Finally, in the post-press stage, defect detection systems and shelf management can be connected to the “talk to me” circle. All systems are connected through this connectivity platform, allowing for real-time data exchange and control at any given moment, and contributing to optimization of the total printing process. The MPS press is also connected to the MPS office for support, preventive maintenance, data management and service through remote diagnostics.

Four times daily during Labelexpo Europe, MPS presented a combined live demonstration of the EF automated multi-substrate flexo press and the hybrid flexo/digital EF Symjet press developed with Domino. During these live demonstrations, the “talk to me” connectivity concept will be demonstrated, showing minimal operator involvement after initial log-in to a unique operator interface, to automatically load the operator’s personal job settings. Visitors are invited to follow the press performance, including speed and print job information, in real-time on their “talk to me” app, available for smartphones from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Visual explanation of the “talk to me” connecitivity platform (Source: MPS)

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