Omet – Three presses demonstrated at Labelexpo Europe

BELGIUM • The Italien press manufacturer showcased three lines at Labelexpo Europe 2017: XFlex X6.0, iFlex and XFlex X6 Offset, upgraded according to Industry 4.0 drivers.

The new XFlex X6.0 features renewed flexo stations with automatic pressure adjustment and intelligent cruise control, with the capability to automatically set and correct the printing pressure at each job changeover, variation of material or production speed.


The company further developed a new high-performance system for improved register adjustment and control, called Multivision. It consists of a set of smart micro-cameras, one on each flexo unit, which enable independent colour-to-colour register setting in real time, without waiting for the printed image to reach the end of the line. The press is also restyled and features a new interface.

According to Omet the demonstrated iFlex is suitable for short and long runs, allowing to reach maximum printing performances through user-friendly management and a high speed. According to the company is the first flexo machine with laser pointer for pre-register and iVision system for instant correction of printing register. In Brussels the company has shown the iFlex line in the new upgraded version with chill rollers that help cool down the substrate and keep the temperature stable.

Also shown in Brussels, the iFlex label press has also a renewed converting section for sheeting station and the matrix stripping unit “Rock’n’Roll Dual Function”.

In Brussels the hybrid label press XFlex X6 Offset was demonstrated in its complete configuration with 430 mm (16,92913”) wide web flexo+offset combination with inline hot foil and rotary silk-screen unit for high added values printing products on different materials.


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