Schobertechnologies – Converting digitally printed flexpack into IML

USA • At Labelexpo Americas the company will demonstrate the RSM410-MX Digi-Varicut . Visitors will further see rotary die cutting modules featuring pressure monitoring to provide additional safety during pressure adjustments. On display will also be a rotary die cutting-perforating module for processing multiple blisters in one sheet or as an individual package, made up of various materials, including  PVC and PET.

RSM-Digi-Varicut lines are especially suitable for digitally printed flexible packaging materials which combines continuous and vector rotary die cutting technology, in re-registration mode.


Schober USA will also show rotary cutting & creasing tools for the production of packaging blanks and rotary punching tools for the production of roof sheet protectors.


Schober will demonstrate the RSM410-MX Digi-Varicut (Source: Schobertechnologies)


More news about products and solutions being on display at Labelexpo Americas please find here:

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