Sihl – “Digital printing is our passion”

Peter Studer, CEO of Sihl AG (Source: Sihl AG © Bruno Arnold / FOTOBUERO)

The Swiss material supplier Sihl AG presented a range of products at Brussels Expo. But why does a material supplier exhibit at a label show like Labelexpo? The reasons are also connected with the company’s background, but not only – this shows the short talk with Peter Studer, CEO of Sihl AG, during Labelexpo Europe 2017.

Why is Sihl, as a material supplier, exhibiting at Labelexpo Europe?


Peter Studer: Our slogan is „Sihl – we enable printing”. That means, no matter what the substrate is, paper, foils, canvas for photo applications or other materials, we coat all kinds of media in order to use them with conventional and digital printing technologies. All our products for the label market have evolved in that way. Besides presenting our products such as our range of facestock films, here at Brussels Expo, it is also a great opportunity talk to our customers directly and in general, to have close contact to the market and its needs.

Coating and labels are not necessarily connected. Could you, in a few words, tell us about the background of Sihl?

 Peter Studer: Digital printing is our passion. We specialise in various materials and are suppliers of print media, especially for digital printing. With about 500 employees we have two production sites, in Düren near Cologne, Germany and in Bern, Switzerland. In Düren we have approximately 300 employees, in Bern almost 100. Additionally, we have a location in Rhode Island, USA, which has impact to our growth in the USA. Europe, USA and Canada are the largest markets for our company. Our total annual revenue is EUR 40 million, of which about 70% is from Europe, 25% from North and South America and about 5% from Asia. Our particular expansion is in the growth regions of Latin America and Asia.

What is your company exhibiting in Brussels?

 Peter Studer: Sihl is exhibiting several products at Labelexpo. We have, for instance, a patented loop tag. We have developed this product for the logistic sector. The coating only sticks on itself and does not adhere to any other materials. Subsequently, the label has no release liner and therefore, there is no additional waste. Such a loop tag can be attached to almost anything and when it has served its purpose, it can be removed without leaving any residues. Another interesting trend is labels for big bags that are sewn into the bag material and is tear resistant.

Nevertheless, we added as new squeezable inkjet film to our facestock range, the Picofilm WS. This white polyolefin film with special VIP (Variable Information Printing) top coating for aqueous inkjet printing is suitable for application with aqueous printers using either pigment or dye inks. Due to the balance between suppleness and strength, this squeezable material can be used in many areas, where now only PE facestock films could be used.

Could you also name an example here at Labelexpo Europe?

Peter Studer: An example of a solution at this Labelexpo is a manufacturer who prints giveaways for his stand using our products. A not very typical example, but it is also a sector in which we see growth potential; thus, another reason, why we are exhibiting at Labelexpo Europe.

The main principle of Sihl’s Pressuretac is based on the cold seal technology, whereby the type of adhesive used has high cohesion. When two ends of the same coated material are pressed together causes the cohesion of the adhesion and a permanent adhesion. (Source: Sihl AG)

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