Unilux – Smart inspection strobes introduced in Brussels

Unilux LED250 composite (Source: Unilux)

BELGIUM • The manufacturer of stroboscopic inspection solutions  introduced new controls for their LED2000 Series inspection systems at LabelExpo Europe 2017. According to Unilux new Smart Assist controls make it even easier to adjust settings so that an inspector can view fine detail in any high-speed process as if it’s standing still. Operators can confirm print registration and surface quality in an instant, across the entire width of the web or strip.
Advanced configurations like Cross Light Inspection for surface quality or the ability to view standard and UV-visible inks on the same line are easily installed. Users can move through critical settings like brightness and duration using full text prompts in several languages, reducing setup time.

According to Unilux, its LED2000 Series stroboscopic inspection systems now come standard with Smart Assist. The controls are currently available in English, German, Spanish, French and Simplified Chinese to accommodate global operations. Additional languages will be released based on demand.

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