A survey of the die-cutting of labels: Part 6 with Kocher+Beck

Martin Stierle, Kocher+Beck (Source: K+B)

This interview series covers different opinions by a range of companies the current challenges of the die-cutting of labels, the role of digitization in this regard and how laser die-cutting fits into the label industry. Part 6 with Martin Stierle from Kocher+Beck.

Led by Rosina Obermayer


Kocher+Beck GmbH + Co.
Martin Stierle
Sales Director / Management

1. What are the current challenges for the die-cutting of labels?

Martin Stierle: In my opinion the top three current challenges for the die-cutting of labels are:

  • Grammage and thickness of substrates getting thinner and thinner
  • High speed converting 150 m/min (492 fpm) plus
  • Short delivery times for flexible dies 8 to 48 hours
  1. We are living in a digitized production world, in your opinion, which system is the most suitable for the modern single-pass label printing (rotary/laser) process?

Martin Stierle: Which system, in your opinion, is most suitable for the modern single-pass label printing? This depends on the process as well as the application. For offline finishing of digital printed labels, around 97% of all converters use conventional fully/ semi rotary devises. In my opinion laser cutting is just not at the right level and still needs time.

  1. In general: what are your preferences for certain applications? (Semi) rotary die-cutting or laser die-cutting?

Martin Stierle: See point 2

  1. Laser die-cutting is a rather new technology: where do you see the opportunities and limitations of this process?

Martin Stierle: Regarding laser die-cutting and its opportunities and limitations there is a few points to consider:

  • -Perfect fit to digital printing in general
  • No costs for knives
  • No waiting time like for flexible dies
  • Limitation in speed
  • High investment for laser unit
  • High maintenance costs for laser
  • Not enough “laser friendly” substrates available

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First published in NarrowWebTech August issue 3-2018.

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