Are trade shows still up to date? A comment by Etiketten-Labels editor

Michael Scherhag, Editor, Etiketten-Labels, knows especially the German-speaking printing industry very well (Source: G&K TechMedia)

Within our interview series to the question how relevant trade shows are in today’s digital life the editor of the German speaking label magazine Etiketten-Labels is giving his response to the question “Are trade shows still up to date?”

Michael Scherhag
Editor, Etiketten-Labels


The internet is no alternative to a personal visit of an exhibition

Labelexpo Europe in Brussels this September is just around the corner and the question arises naturally, whether one should travel to Brussels and if so, for how long. Trade shows like this offer a huge advantage: all important suppliers and business partners are concentrated in one place. It is possible to get an overview about the newest trends and technologies in one or two days.

You will often hear, that you can keep yourself informed via the internet much quicker, and that you can save time and costs and systematically find the necessary information. I think this is not quite correct. By visiting a trade fair, you will get much information about new products and about companies – information that you probably would not have accessed via the internet. At Labelexpo Europe I have the chance to speak to my contact person in a personal conversation and after appropriate preparation, I can even get an individual demonstration, i.e. of a specific machine.

A tour through the exhibition reveals many companies or technical solutions that one did not expect. Thinking outside the box has not done harm to anyone yet.

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