BPIF – Wage benchmarking for the label sector

UK • The BPIF wage benchmarking survey has been designed specifically to benchmark pay for a selection of occupations in the label sector. The length of time it takes to respond will depend upon how many sizes of printing machines any respondent of the survey choose to benchmark wages for. In general, it is expected to take around 10-20 minutes. The progress bar at the bottom of each page indicates the passage through the survey.

Any respondent is assured that his contact details are entirely secure and confidential. Therefore it is recommended not to provide comments elsewhere in the survey that could identify the respective company. All qualifying respondents will be provided with secure access to the data results (excluding contact and company details). In case of any queries regarding this survey please contact Kyle Jardine, BPIF Research Manager: kyle.jardine@bpif.org.uk


To start the survey please click here.


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