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FINAT – Call for candidates for recycling awards competition

THE NETHERLAND • The European association for the self-adhesive label industry has announced their first recycling awards competition. Label converters and end-users who have their paper and/or filmic release liners recycled by dedicated programmes are invited to apply for this new award.

Eligible projects will be evaluated based on a comprehensive set of criteria, divided in three categories:

Achievements (volume and percentage recycled)

  1. How much liner (in volume and percentage) does the company recycle? Is this traceable? Does the company recycle other secondary label materials?
  2. Communication and promotion
    Is the company actively involved in the promotion of release liner recycling? Is the company making efforts to encourage partners/customers to engage in recycling?
  3. Innovation / opening of new markets
    Is the company using a new/innovative approach to logistics or recycling ? Is the company representing a new end-user market for liner recycling?

There are two award categories:

  • Self-adhesive label end-users
  • Self-adhesive label converters

FINAT is organizing its inaugural Recycling Awards Competition to raise awareness for these recycling programmes, to recognize efforts made by the industry, and to promote best practices in liner recycling. The competition will culminate in the announcement of the winners at the FINAT World Congress in Monaco, held from 5 to 7 June 2014.

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Armin Karl Geiger

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