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FINAT – ELF success stories involving innovation

THE NETHERLANDS • Just one week to go till the European Label Forum commences. Thus, FINAT introduced the last speakers of the main session on Friday 12 June: Ramses Dingenouts (Heineken) and Gordon Chrichton (MAI).

Heineken, the Dutch beer brand has its roots and current headquarters in Amsterdam, but has conquered most of the world with its ingenious advertising campaigns and its flavour of course. What is the philosophy and story behind this world-class brand and how has innovative packaging and creative label design helped to make the product a success story. Ramses Dingenouts, Packaging and Identity Design Manager at Heineken will tell all about it.

In order to innovate, one needs to know the wishes of the clients, and the other way around. Companies have come to realise that innovation will come through better relations with strategic suppliers. Gordon Crichton, Director of the French Institut du Management de l’Achat International (MAI), will explain why this is a crucial factor in successful management of a business.

Armin Karl Geiger

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