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FINAT European Label Forum 2017– Review with picture gallery

FINAT European Label Forum 2017: a thrilling and most interesting label event (Source: G&K TechMedia)

GERMANY • “In the world of labels and labelling change is the constant as it is in every aspect of our lives today” – this sentence published in the newly released “FINAT yearbook 2017” could be the result of the FINAT ELF 2017 which took place from 7 to 9 June in Berlin. Visitors experienced lots of FINAT news, interesting presentations including visitors participation via smartphone as well as an eye-opening speech of former German foreign minister and vice chancellor Joschka Fischer.

Take a look on our picture gallery reviewing the FINAT European Label Forum 2017:

For sure, one of the most interesting parts of the first evening was the ceremony of the FINAT Competition Label Awards as well as of the FINAT recycling awards. Please find more details and pictures of the FINAT Label Award winners in this news.

FINAT presidency change

After being hold twice in Amsterdam, this year label event took place in Berlin, Germany. After two years Thomas Hagmaier is now past president, passing over the presidency to Chris Ellison (OPM Group, UK). New vice president of FINAT is Francesc Egea.

Christopher Jones from Alphasonics serves as the new Young Manager Club (YMC) liaison of the main FINAT board. The new board of FINAT YMC further includes: Mikaela Harding, Pulse Roll Label Products, Bart van Kempen, SPGPrints, Matthias Vollherbst, VollherbstDruck, Alexander Wilkie, Edale, Dana Kilarska, Purgina Labels and Rainer Urlich, Ulrich Etiketten.

Events since the last year European Label Forum included the L9 event, the FINAT label competition judging meeting (picture gallery), FINAT Young Manager Club congress as well as several trade show participations and webinars. The label associaiton also released its FINAT yearbook 2017 with 90 pages about the latest events, developments, decisions, a last comment of BPIF Label leaving chairman John Bambery and more information for FINAT members.

The L9 event brought together nine trade associations from Australia (FPLMA), New Zealand (SALMA), Brazil (ABIEA), Mexico (AMETIQ), India (LMAI), China (PEIAC Labels), Japan (JFLP), North America (TLMI) and Europe (FINAT). The second and latest L9 meeting was hold for the first time in Asia – in Beijing, PRC in April 2017.

A detailed review of the event together with an interview with new FINAT president Chris Ellison as well as interviews with winners of the FINAT Competition Label Awards will be published in the August issue of NarrowWebTech.

Source of all pictures: G&K TechMedia / NarrowWebTech

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