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FINAT – European Label Forum passed the test with record number

THE NETHERLANDS • The recent Europen Label Forum (ELF) held by FINAT June 11-13 in Amsterdam successfully passed the test. It was the first time, that this reshaped and rebranded issue of their annual congress took place. This change reflects the airm for greater industry collaboration and cooperation. According to FINAT, the record number of 300 participants including 80 representatives from 56 converters companies attending the event.

One of the novelties of the European Label Forum (ELF) was the series of three parallel programme streams on the first day of the conference, offering a choice of top level expert speakers on three areas of expertise: “Sales and Marketing”, “Technology and Manufacturing” and “Management and Corporate affairs”. Also new was a plenary workshop that will take the shape of a “lean manufacturing game and exercise” during the closing session of the event.

A detailed report on the FINAT European Label Forum can be read in issue 3 of NarrowWebTech which will be published in August 2015 in the run-up to Labelexpo Europe in Brussels.

Armin Karl Geiger

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