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FINAT – Going to Budapest for third YMC Global Summit

THE NETHERLANDS • Keeping abreast of label developments, in all production processes, while being aware of external technological and market factors, is an unrelenting challenge for the label industry. This is why FINAT’s annual YMC Global Summit for 2016 is focused on career management, education and innovation. The event’s theme this year is “Winning The Generation Game” and the first day will be dedicated to a key topic in the industry – succession planning. The YMC Global Summit is scheduled for 28 to 30 April in Budapest.

The three-day event features an informative agenda:

  • Company visit to Delfort Group. Company visits are always a highlight of the YMC Global Summit!
  • A day-long workshop by Elaine Eades & Fiona McNamara, Liverpool University (UK) on getting promoted and avoiding the pitfalls of leadership. They will focus on the improvement of management skills for young people. The session will cover your influence as a young manager, ensuring the working environment remains positive and how to handle conflict resolution.
  • Mike Fairley from Tarsus Label Academy (UK) will be presenting on the label industry’s roadmap towards a culture of permanent education.
  • Johannes Höfler (A), Patent & Founders Factory, will facilitate a workshop about what kind of innovation makes sense in mature industries like label printing. Innovation is a buzzword, but what does it mean for the label industry? How can you use it to make your company more successful? Participants will walk through the process of fostering innovation. This will cover idea generation, the innovation implementation process, building an innovation culture and cooperating with external partners.
  • The networking side programme will among other things feature a wine tasting at Nyakas Winery.

For more information, please contact: duomedia Jony Maesele

Armin Karl Geiger

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