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FINAT Label Competition 2018 – Picture gallery of the winning entries

The “Best in Show” and the “Marketing/End-Uses Group Winner” award goes to Multi-Color Corporation North America Wines & Spirits for the “Sidewinder (Picture source: G&K, Rosina Obermayer)

261 entries from 47 companies representing 28 countries were sent to this year FINAT Label Competition. NarrowWebTech shows samples  of the 2018′ winning entries and explains why the judging panel chose these entries.

Inspirational innovation sets the tone at FINAT’s Label Competition – Besides 29 winners in each smaller category, there was one winner per group. The aesthetic appeal of Multi-Color Corporation North America Wines & Spirits’ Sidewinder Spirits label helped it achieve the accolade of Best in Show at the 2018 FINAT Label Competition. Further group winners were Inform Etiketten, IPE, Schreiner Group and Etiketten Carini.

Category A: Marketing/End-Uses

The “Best in Show” and the “Marketing/End-Uses Group Winner” award goes to Multi-Color Corporation North America Wines & Spirits for the “Sidewinder

Judges’ decision: they were “impressed by the aesthetic appeal of the label and the varying degrees of embossing and varnishing which add depth to the end result. A very fine black halftone image is used to create an aging effect around the embossing. The complexity of the die-cutting especially around the watch winder was very clever. The final label has the feel and look of a silver metallic label, in fact it replaces an actual metal tag used previously for this brand.”

Category B: Printing processes

The winner of Group B is Inform Etiketten GmbH. Co. KG, Germany” for Spirituosenausstattung Edelbrände”. The jugdes explains: „A true combination print using 3 printing technologies, digital, offset litho and silk screen and 3 finishing techniques, hot foiling, varnish and embossing in a single pass. In addition two types of substrate were used for different areas of the three part label. The black type and the gold foiling contrast well with the two colour grey backgrounds. A complicated label to produce to an exact specification giving an excellent result when seen on the final bottle.

Category C: Non-adhesive applications

The “Non-Adhesive Group Winner” is “IPE, Industria Gráfica, Spain” for “Maxim’s Noel 2017 Champagne”.

The judges’ decision:

“Certainly a sleeve with very high visual impact with maximum shelf exposure. Printed using flexo and a bright red ink combined with a gold lacquer and cold foiling makes the brand name stands out. A matt varnish adds to the appeal of this sleeve and the seaming is very accurate. The necessary product information is printed on a white panel set into the reverse side of the sleeve.”

Group D: Innovation & electronic printing

The “Innovation Group Winner” is “Schreiner Group GmbH & Co. KG, Germany” for “Color Laser Film with a Fingerprint”.

The judging panel states: “An innovative application in which data printed with luminescent pigments within the adhesive layer which migrate (after application) into the surface of the paint on the car. The information which is visible using UV light can still be read even after the label is removed and is designed to last for at least 15 years.”

Group E: Digital printing

The “Digital Printing Group” winner is “Etiketten CARINI, Austria” for “Lemberger Gin”.

The jury explains: “Only two colours were used to print this label. The brand name is nicely surrounded by gold foiling. The effective use of a soft brushed lamination layer in combination with spot varnishing and hot gold foil all in very accurate register results in an outstanding result.”

Award ceremony at FINAT ELF 2018

Each category has different subcategories, thus, for the five categories were announced 29 award winners. Besides this 86 Highly Commended Certificates were awarded by the judges. The Best in Show, group, category and the Judges awards were presented during the awards ceremony held on Wednesday evening 6th June 2018 on the occasion of the European Label Forum in Dublin, Ireland. The FINAT winners of the 2017 World Label Awards judging which took place just before Labelexpo America in Chicago were also recognised during the ceremony with the presentation of their awards.

The 38th annual event celebrates outstanding label production. Organised by the European label association FINAT, the competition’s expert judging panel is led annually by Tony White of AWA Consulting. This year it was supported by Murat Sipahioglu of Gallus Group, Steve Wood of Steve Wood Services and Mick de Reuver from Proud Design Studios.

  “Inspiring innovation”

Judging chair Tony White comments: “The total number of entries winning awards increased to 115 reflecting a welcome elevation in quality. In fact, year on year I am genuinely excited by the quality of the entries. The inspiring innovation and creativity is a great celebration of label versatility and just when you think new levels of design and execution have been reached they are lifted further.”

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Rosina Obermayer

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